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Collateral Analytics is now part of ICE


Collateral Analytics (CA) was built off of the power and precision of its automated valuation models (AVMs). Consistently rated the best for accuracy and coverage, there’s a CA AVM to meet your exacting needs.

With decades of property data and transaction information for more than 95% of the U.S. housing stock, CA AVMs generate instantaneous reports for virtually any residential address.

To value each property, CA AVMs employ a number of statistical approaches. The multiple model approach combined with neighborhood-specific comparable selection guarantees the most up-to-date and precise valuations. Unique features include:

  • Current and retroactive valuations
  • Automatically defined property condition for each comparable to generate condition-specific valuation
  • Valuation by transaction type: regular, REO, foreclosure or short sale
  • Waterfront flag allowing characteristic filtering

All CA AVMs are available via a Collateral Analytics website, XML delivery or batch requests (unless otherwise noted). Following are some of our most popular AVM products.