What it is

CA Value MC AVM is a state of the art online residential property valuation service. It can be used during every step of the lending or property valuation process, from origination, underwriting and quality control to servicing, portfolio review and default management. With more than 10 years of property data and transaction information for much of the U.S., the CA Value MC AVM generates instantaneous online reports in real-time for virtually any residential address. These reports include a value estimate, comparable sales and listing data, location map, confidence score of the value estimate, as well as additional charts and detail on the surrounding market’s price and sales activity trends.

The CA Value MC AVM employs a multitude of approaches to value each property including a number of Hedonic or Multiple Regression models, Appraisal Emulation, Time Adjustment, and other proprietary techniques to calculate a final value.

The multiple model approach combined with neighborhood specific comparable selection guarantees for the most up-to-date and precise valuations. In addition, the CA Value MC AVM incorporates the trends for a number of market based indicators to develop an overall market condition rating for the surrounding neighborhood of the subject property.  This market condition rating is used to further refine the various AVM sub-model values.  Finally, a proprietary confidence score is used to select the best value based on the individual sub-model conclusions by geography and property type.

Market Applications

The CA Value MC AVM is used in all aspects of the valuation process for lenders, GSEs, mortgage brokers, mortgage servicers, investment bankers and mortgage investors as well as anyone who requires fast, reliable and cost-effective residential property valuations.

Input/Output Features

  • Current and retroactive AVM valuations
  • Detailed subject property characteristics
  • Look up subject property by owner name or parcel number
  • Estimated market value, high value, low value and confidence score
  • Historical subject property transaction history (sold, active, withdrawn, expired, pending, etc.)
  • Interactive map (road, aerial, bird’s eye view) with display of subject property and comparable
  • Sortable comparable list
  • Entry box for comments to include with PDF
  • Report download to PDF or Excel
  • Price charts – Surrounding zip code home price trends
  • Sales activity charts – Surrounding zip code subject property versus comparable sales distributions


The CA Value MC AVM reports are available through the CA Value AVM website, XML delivery or batch requests.

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