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Collateral Analytics is now part of ICE

Process Improvement

Innovation and technology are rapidly changing our world. Today’s consumer expects more. They expect transparency, efficiency and a digital experience — Collateral Analytics has the products to help you deliver.

REvolution is an exciting new offering from Collateral Analytics. REvolution was designed specifically with the Digital Mortgage Process in mind. REvolution provides a seamless process for appraisers or other valuation providers, from property inspection to report delivery. It was designed for ultimate flexibility to enable our customers to be creative and adaptive to the rapid changes taking place in the valuation industry.

It all starts with SCOUT, our flexible and intuitive property data mobile application. Leveraging cloud-based technology, property data and field-collected photos stream seamlessly into our REveal platform. Built in rules and meta data collected during the property inspection bring an entirely new level of viewership and credibility to property inspections.

Consumers of this digital data know who, where, what, how and when the data was collected. REveal then empowers appraisal professionals or other valuation experts to review the collected data, use data-rich analytical tools to analyze market activity and produce dependable and defendable appraisals and valuation reports. It doesn’t get more transparent or credible than this.